A new story, the first in a prequel series showing how a (relatively) sweet little girl grew up to become the evil witch Griselda the Grunch. At birth the powers of good can save only one of the twins: they save her sister Susan. The Princess of the Night then sends gifts for her 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th birthdays to ensure she follows the path of evil. Girl readers identify with Griselda: this book starts her story.

Wicked old Sir Tancred Grunch wants an heir to continue his evil lineage but is bitterly disappointed with his good-deed-doing sons. When his granddaughter is born, Sir Tancred decides to let her stay with her parents until the age of five before enforcing a lifetime of evil upon her. But refusing to risk little Griselda growing up good, the Princess of the Night hatches a truly evil plan. Every year on Griselda’s birthday she receives a special gift that will ensure she is well and truly set on the path of evil...

Publication: 26 September 2019
Price: £12.99
Format: 215 x 173 mm, hardback with foiled jacket
Extent: 80 pages
Illustrations: 35 full page colour artwork plus miniature cut-outs
Reading age: 7+
ISBN: 9781909938298


A magical air of excitement and rapid pace of action
— For Parents By Parents