The books can be read in any order. Start with whatever book takes your fancy. Happy reading!


The Land of Lost Hair

The Gardener sends Snuggle the cat to protect the boys from the witch Griselda, who wants roast Julius, stewed Alexander and Benjamin on toast! Griselda licks her lips and castes a spell to make the boys travel to her…


The Vicar’s Chickens

Snuggle the cat’s weakness for the Vicar’s chickens drives the Vicar mad, but when the witch Griselda sends fireballs on the garden of The Old Vicarage, Snuggle mistakenly magics the boys, the vicar and the church to the land of Ramion.



The string of the balloons wraps itself around the boys’ wrists and they float into the sky towards the ruined tower. They fall through the void and Snuggle gets imprisoned in a block of crystal. Unless he can be set free the Gardener will die and with him the Land of Ramion.


Creatures of the Forest

The boys need all the help that they can get to escape the creatures of the magical forest, a dangerous place full of Globerous Ghosts, Venomous Vampires, Scary Scots and Mystic Mummies. Thankfully, Ducky Rocky is there to help them, as are Racing Racoons and the incredibly brave Hero Hedgehogs.


Gary the Frog Prince

Gary a motor mechanic is in love with Sharon. She is fond of him, but thinks him very dirty. When Gary is kissed by the Frog Princess he turns into a Frog Prince and forgets all about Sharon. Hoping for a kiss that will turn Gary back into a man Snuggle (family cat and super hero) takes Gary to the Kingdom of the Frogs.


The Kingdom of the Deep

Griselda changes the holiday plans of the boys and their parents by magic so that she can eat them at her cousin Veronica's seaside castle. On arriving at the castle she is disgusted to find that Veronica has given up eating people and decides to send the boys to the Kingdom of the Deep instead...


The Blizzard Wizard

One touch of the Blizzard Wizard and body, mind and spirit turn to ice. With the unwitting help of foolish Cloud 9 the Princess of the Night frees the Blizzard Wizard from prison and he turns the Garden and the Gardener and with them the whole of Ramion into ice.


The Body Collector

Boris the skull wants his body back, but cannot remember where he lost it. One morning he has a sudden picture of himself before he lost his body whilst visiting Stench Manor, the home of Charlie Stench the Body Collector.


Boris and the Dumb Skulls

Griselda the witch has been drinking too much evil spirit. Boris her pet skull and the dim daft dwarves are fed up of being bullied by her. They decide to form a punk rock band and seek fame and fortune.


The Dream Thief

When the Dream Thief steals the boys’ mother’s dream, the boys and their Dream Lord cat Snuggle set off to the rescue. Joined in the adventure by their mother (as a 6 year old child) they pass through the Place of Nightmares and enter the Land of Dreams...


Frankie and the Dancing Furies

When the storm summoned by the witch Griselda attacks The Old Vicarage, the boys’ father is carried off to the land of the Dancing Furies where the spirit of the great rock god Jimi takes possession of his body…


The Gift of Evil

Wicked old Sir Tancred Grunch wants an heir to continue his evil lineage but is bitterly disappointed with his good-deed-doing sons. When his granddaughter is born, Sir Tancred decides to let her stay with her parents until the age of five before enforcing a lifetime of evil upon her. But refusing to risk little Griselda growing up good, the Princess of the Night hatches a truly evil plan. Every year on Griselda’s birthday she receives a special gift that will ensure she is well and truly set on the path of evil...

Classic tales of good and evil as the misnamed cat Snuggle battles with the witch Griselda : for parents and children to share and older children to read for themselves….
— The Guardian