Gary a motor mechanic is in love with Sharon. She is fond of him, but thinks him very dirty. When Gary is kissed by the Frog Princess he turns into a Frog Prince and forgets all about Sharon. Hoping for a kiss that will turn Gary back into a man Snuggle (family cat and super hero) takes Gary to the Kingdom of the Frogs.

The boys come with them but it is just another trick of the witch Griselda and they soon get captured. Whilst Snuggle fights man-eating frogs, Gloria a vegetarian eagle and Scrooey-Looey rescue the boys. When the Gardener turns Gary back into a man he is changed: he is completely clean: seeing him so smart and clean Sharon agrees to marry him.

Publication: 26 September 2018
Price: £12.99
Format: 17.1 x 21.6 cm, hardback with foiled jacket
Extent: 80 pages
Illustrations: 35 full page colour artwork plus miniature cut-outs
Reading age: 7+ years
ISBN: 9781909938236


A ghoulish mix of humour and adventure aimed at eight year olds but also has a deeper message of parental love. It’s a unique bedtime story for adults and children alike.
— We Are Family Magazine