In Ramion the first collection the boys wake up one morning completely bald, fly on the back of dragons, seek a key to save their cat imprisoned in a block of crystal and meet strange creatures which seek to destroy them.

This collection includes the following four stories:

  • The Land of Lost Hair

  • The Vicar’s Chickens

  • The Crystal Key

  • Creatures of the Forest

COLLECTION 2: Seas of Ramion

In Seas of Ramion the second hardback collection the boys are magicked by the witch Griselda to the bottom of the ocean, are turned into icicles hanging in a cavern and visit a catacomb of headless bodies and floating skulls.

This collection includes the following three stories:

  • The Kingdom of the Deep

  • The Blizzard Wizard

  • The Body Collector


In Rock of Ramion the third hardback collection the boys escape from zombie aristocrats, save their mum's dream from the Dream Thief and visit the Land of the Dancing Furies where the monsters really know how to rock.

This collection includes the following three stories:

  • Boris and the Dumb Skulls

  • The Dream Thief

  • Frankie and the Dancing Furies

One of those lovely series of fairy tales that the adult narrator can enjoy as much as their spellbound audience... The most quirky book I have ever reviewed.
— Carousel