Frank is married to Susan Haire, abstract painter and sculptor, and has three children, Julius, Alexander and Benjamin who inspired the Ramion stories and are the central characters. When not writing about or illustrating magical lands, Frank is a Chancery QC and a keen rock and roll dancer!

Since he was a child, Frank Hinks dreamed of becoming a writer and when his children were born he finally had an audience for his storytelling.

The Ramion adventures started with his oldest son Julius giving him the first line of a story at bedtime each night and leaving him to take it over without any idea where it was going. These stories evolved into the books that are now available with his own colour illustrations. He has produced over 600 full page gouache paintings for 19 stories the latest being The Gift of Evil (published September 2019).

After years of public readings to excited children (some thinking that the magical creatures were real) four books were finally published in full colour the UK (2003). In 2006, the first four stories were published in Korea with an updated format which raised the series to a new creative level, with a lively circus of images and words on each page that gets pushed further and further with each new book.

Frank is available for interview; for all review copy requests and publicity enquiries please contact:

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