In the magical world of Ramion, anything can happen…


In these enchanting childrens’ fantasy books, Julius, Alexander and Benjamin travel around Ramion (a magical place where anything is possible) escaping from the witch Griselda, the Princess of the Night and the occasional giant squid!

At the centre of Ramion there is the Garden where plants grow wild and free, tended by the Gardener, Lord of Ramion, guardian, protector, creator of dreams, with his faithful servant the Guide and Precious Plants which have the power to reverse evil magic. In the hills above the Garden, the mind controls (it even controls the weather) and if one travels to the Land of Nothingness one may meet (if one is unlucky) the Princess of the Night who is the source of evil and appears as swirling shades of black and grey upon a horse of nothingness, behind her run yapping dogs of swirling mist.

Ramion is the sort of place where anything can happen (and frequently does) and the most unusual beings will suddenly emerge; the Logs (whom the Princess of Night failed to enslave because she thought them lumps of wood), the Blizzard Wizard (whose touch turns body, mind and spirit into ice), man-eating frogs (who worship the great god Karr), Cloud 9 (a mischievous cloud) or Albee the Albatross (a spy and harbinger of doom).

“Whatever happens”, says the Gardener, “keeping travelling, do not give up” for in Ramion however bad things may seem, however close one is to being eaten, turned into a ghostly glob or pile of dust some creature will fly, run or ride to the rescue like Eric the dragon and his son Drago (who has the dreadful habit of spitting balls of fire), the Lion of Icing from Alexander’s birthday cake (who melts in the rain but comes to life again when the sun begins to shine), Gloria the vegetarian eagle (and Archibald her hen pecked husband), Racing Racoons (they should have been Rancid Racoons but the spell went wrong), Hero Hedgehogs and most especially the warrior cat Snuggle, sent to protect the boys during their adventures.