Explore Ramion
The boys and their warrior dream lord cat Snuggle have wild adventures and meet all sorts of strange creatures. In these enchanting kids’ fantasy books... Read more!
Griselda the Grunch is a witch who lives in a ruined tower in the hills above the village of Shoreham in the County of Kent. She longs to munch the tender flesh of little boys and girls and contented crunch their slender bones, but most of all she wants to eat the three brothers who live in The Old Vicarage. Read more!
The boys
The three brothers live in The Old Vicarage, a rambling house in a village, low within a valley enclosed by hills. In the hills lives Griselda the Grunch, a witch who longs to eat them: “Oh, roast Julius! Stewed Alexander! Benjamin on toast! Just what I always wanted.” Read more!
Boris is the witch Griselda’s pet skull. According to Griselda the basic problem with Boris is that he is not evil enough. Read more!
Snuggle is a warrior cat and dream lord sent to protect the boys. When he became a legend (Snuggle the Mighty, Snuggle the All-Powerful) many said that he was descended from the gods, that in Ancient Egypt men and women had bowed down and worshipped his ancestors. Read more!
The Forest
In Ramion not far from The Lost Magic Office is a forest. It is dark and creepy there. Read more!
Scrooey-Looey is a glove puppet who lives on the top shelf in the nursery at The Old Vicarage. Read more!
Eric and Drago
Eric and his son Drago are friendly dragons, but Drago has the dreadful habit of spitting. Read more!
The Ducky Rocky
In the middle of the Forest is a deep, black pond where the Ducky Rocky lives. He tries to tell strangers to the Forest how to defeat the monsters, but sometimes before he can speak he sinks to the bottom of the pond exhausted. Read more!
The Dim Daft Dwarves
Griselda’s guards are three dim daft disgusting dwarves. Read more!
The Blizzard Wizard
The Blizzard Wizard, with his long lanky limbs and evil leer, is feared throughout the Land of Ramion. If the Blizzard Wizard stretches out his bony fingers and touches a person, he or she freeze deep inside, and body, mind and spirit turn to ice. Read more!
The Lion of Icing
The Lion of Icing melts in the rain, but in sunshine springs to life again. Read more!
Albee the Albatross
A harbinger of doom, with hard beady eyes Albee the Albatross is the spy of the Princess of the Night. Read more!
Cloud 9
Cloud 9 is a rebel and source of mischief, always breaking the rules, soaking trees (and people) when he should not. Read more!
The Land of Lost Hair
The Land of Lost Hair is a special place and different from anywhere else in the universe. All the trees and bushes are covered in hair, and giant combs, scissors and hairdryers (with the help of tame captive clouds) give the trees a monthly haircut. Read more!
The Gardener
The Garden is tended by the Gardener with his faithful servant the Guide, a little man in uniform. The Gardener is guardian, protector, creator of dreams. Read more!
Racing Racoons
When the boys (Julius, Alexander and Benjamin) are in trouble in the Forest the Racing Racoons come to the rescue. They should have been called the Rancid Racoons but the spell went wrong. Read more!
Mystic Mummies
Mystic Mummies are the most evil mummies that have ever lived. A single touch from their arms will turn a boy or girl (or rabbit) into a pile of dust. Read more!
The Gnarled Old Man
He likes to turn those who enter the Forest into monsters or ghostly globs or piles of dust or whatever else takes his fancy. Read more!
The Guide
Servant of the Gardener the Guide is a little man in uniform. Read more!
Globerous Ghosts
Globerous Ghosts are the fattest, ooziest ghosts that have ever lived. Read more!
Venomous Vampires
Venomous Vampires wear full evening dress with white bow-ties and long-tailed coats, and speak in snooty voices. Read more!
Scary Scots
Scary Scots march through the Forest dressed in kilts and playing bagpipes. Read more!
Bilious Butterflies
Bilious Butterflies have huge sickly pink wings. Read more!
Lucrezia Grunchia, the Black Marchesa
For someone who had been dead for over three hundred years she was very well preserved. Read more!
Vicomte and Vicomtesse de Grunch
The Vicomte and Vicomtesse de Grunch were guillotined in the French Revolution. Read more!
Princess of the Night
Princess of the Night is the Lord of Nothingness, source of evil. Read more!
The Body Collector
As a collector of bodies, he preserve the bodies from decay, but turns the heads into floating skulls with evil powers (although in the case of Boris the conditioning went wrong). Read more!